Orange Calcite Macrame Unisexed Necklace – Earth Vibrations

Orange Calcite Macrame Unisexed Necklace

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This Orange Calcite Unisexed hand made Necklace was lovingly hand made by Kaz and Reiki Blessed. It is a 1 only and has an adjustable cotton length. 

Orange Calcite is known as "the remembering" stone. Placed upon the third eye it allows one to remember the state of perfection during dreaming, astro travelling, channelling or healing experiences. 

To release trauma, especially if we cant recall all the trauma (blocked out) you first place the stone on the third eye to remember then on the solar plexus to release it, allowing healing of the trauma.

Calcite is an amplification stone. When an energy is directed inwards to a central point within the crystal it separates the energy and it returns doubling the intensity. making it a great stone for our chakra system, clearing and activating as it does its work.

Calcite is a teacher for humanity helping us become aware of the beauty in Nature and its creative forces. 

On a physical level Calcite helps eliminate dis-ease within the body. Great for the Kidneys, Pancreas, Spleen, Bone growth decalcification and balancing the assimilation of Calcium intake.

The two small Beads are asper which is the Supreme Nurturer and Healer, the perfect addition to someone needing to work through and heal Trauma.