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Opening to Channel

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Throughout recorded history it has been thought that only those with a special gift could connect with the spirit guide, the higher self or the universal mind.
Now, best selling author and channel for Orin, Sanaya  Roman has collaborated with Duane Parker, PhD, channel forDavenport, to produce the first step by step guide to the art of channelling. Their methods can be used by anyone who wishes to open to hire dimensions.

Channelling is a skill which can be learnt. Sanaya Duane have successfully trained hundreds of channels using the safe, simple and effective processes.
Included our chapters by Orin and Davenport on how to tell if you are ready, who the guides are, how do we attract a higher level guide, how to go into trance and much more.
Opening to channel is a breakthrough book which could be the key to accelerating your spiritual growth and opening the door way to enlightenment. The results people have achieved speak for themselves.

222 pages by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer.