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Opalite Dishes

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Refractive and glowing these cuties are bound to catch the shade of light and the eye.

Opalite is soothing, calming, empowering and connects us to the feeling/emotional side of self. Allowing calm expression in a peaceful manner with truth and confidence.

Relieving depression, anxiety, frey nerves, and encouraging loving rewarding relationships.

Please note Opalite is a man made glass that represents the combined energies of Moonstone and Opal. Opalite is sometimes called the Tiffany stone or Bertrandite.

Measuring - Leaf 12.5 cm x 5.5 cm x 2.5 cm weighing 296 grams 

Measuring - Apple 8.5cm x 8 cm x 2.5cm

Price per dish . One only of each.