Obsidian Witches Medium – Earth Vibrations

Obsidian Witches Medium

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These cuties come in either unpolished or polished black Obsidian. They have a no nonsense energy calling forward the crone side of self , I swear their eyes move, winky face. 

Black Obsidian is known as the asking stone, To activate its energy you simply need to ask Obsidian a question, making this stone perfect for Gazing or Scrying, be sure to listen for the whispered answers.

Used at the 3rd eye Obsidian will give visions of ones purpose, ones lessons, ones future for this lifetime, just what was the contract you predestined for ones self in this body.

Black Obsidian has also been used to make contact with the Ascended Masters to further educate one self about the Mysteries of Life and its Learnings.  Obsidian also allows us to access deep states of advanced forgiveness, helping us to understand the concept that there is actually nothing to forgive. 

Used in Shamanic ceremonies to aid in the removal of any disorder from the body, by simply returning the affected area to the surface and surrounding it in pure white light for healing. 

Obsidian was and still is used by tribes as tools for leather work, hunting, weapons and healing, its un smoothed edges can be razor sharp and make for the perfect cutting tools.

Measuring 12cm high x 5cm wide, weighing approximately 195 to 245 grams . 

only a polished version left thank you