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Nature Healing Day Experience (NA until futher notice)

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Nature, the Earth holds the key to helping us heal through all our layers. Getting away from the office, wifi, phones, the business of life is essential.

Karen using Nature, Crystalline Vibrations, Sound Therapy, Reiki, Massage, Yoga, Meditation, Crystal Bowls, Communication, Intergalactic Arcturian Technology or what ever tools are required in the moment, create a sacred space for you to heal in.

Let the Elements and Animals be our messengers. Trusting the cycles and vibrations presented to us as guidance, lets follow the sounds, Feel the Earth, Splash in the sacred waters, Trust ourselves as we unfold and seperate the layers and blockages.

The universe is always guiding us through many different forms, the question is ARE YOU LISTENING and do you understand how to interpret those messages. Karen with all her years of knowledge wishes not only to create the space but to guide you through it and to help you understand your messages.

Full Day Experience...

# 9am to 5pm

# pack water, hat, sunscreen, swimmers, towel, comfy walking shoes

# food is supplied (please make us aware of any dietary requirements please), morning tea and lunch.

# choose whether your having this experience on your own or sharing it with others (3 spaces are available). 

# meeting/pick up is in Narangba, we will be travelling via 4wd to location (sometimes this is off the beaten track)

# terms, conditions and disclaimer must be signed before leaving on the day.

# destination will intuitively be pick to suit the work to be done

# Further information or questions can be directed to Karen on 0415160026.




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