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Nataraja Matter & Spirit Incense Sticks

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An extraordinary collection of natural masala incense. Traditionally made with natural raisins, Belsome and a unique combination of oil and herbs. Superior incense which burns slowly and the after aroma can remain for a long time. Made in India. 15 g per box. Check out the words of wisdom printed on Decide of each box.

shivers cosmic dance, with four arms superbly balanced and yet displaying dynamic gestures, expresses the rhythm and unity of life. The upper right hand holds a drum to symbolise the primal sound of creation. The Om soundless sound of silence. The upper left hand bears a tongue of flame, the element of destruction, which is creation. The other two hands represent the dynamic balance of creation and destruction emergence and merging back, accentuated further by shivers calm and detached face. The right hand is raised in the sign Of “do not fear” , symbolising maintenance, protection, and peace. While the remaining left hand points down to the uplifted foot which symbolises released from the spell of illusion, Maia. Shiva, the cosmic intelligence is dancing on the body of a diamond. The symbol of human ignorance which has to be understood before the liberation can be obtained. The dance of Shiva is the dancing of the infinite universe, the ceaseless flow of energy going through an infinite variety of patterns that melt into one another. This supreme intelligence is expressed through the genius of Indian mythology, The dance of Nataraja, the God of creation, (emergence), and destruction, (merging back). Through his dance beats the endless rhythm of the universe.

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