Mystical Dragon Magic – Earth Vibrations

Mystical Dragon Magic

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Teachings of the five inner rings…

soar to greater heights with Dragon magic. Take your dragon magic to the highest level. From apprentice to enchanter, shaman to warrior, and finally culminating as mystic, the five levels of initiation to high dragon magic are decoded in this companion to celebrated author J.D. Conways bestselling Dancing with Dragons. On your journey through each of the inner rings, you will be guided along a higher path of spiritual consciousness while your spell work is strengthened and enhanced.

Discover how to attract Dragons, Draw on the legendary energy and wisdom, and partner with them as co-magicians. Incorporate herbal spells, choose appropriate ritual tools and codes, and find magical colour associations. You will also learn many practical methods for working dragon magic, using amulets and Talismans, planetary powers, divination, crystals, healing, astral projection, scrying, and more.

Paperback 247 pages.