Moss Agate Spheres – Earth Vibrations

Moss Agate Spheres

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Moss Agate is said to help one in the acquisition of Riches....

Strengthening when pursuing endeavors, attracting agree ability, persuasiveness, and efficacy. Builds joy, self esteem, quietens the ego, and allows us to see the beauty in all our eyes touch.

Can provide communication between the planet, mineral kingdom and oneself. Promoting new growth and speed in attainment of ones goals.

Great for hydration, the eyes, fungal infections, digestion stimulation, eliminates toxins, relieves symptoms of colds and flu.

Both these spheres are good quality and when put in the right light come to life displaying hidden viens of fern like pathways to your soul. 

Weight 458 & 448 grams

Circumferences 22cm each.

If you have a preference please let us know by contacting Kaz on 0415160026.