Moss Agate Dragon Skull Lge – Earth Vibrations

Moss Agate Dragon Skull Lge

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Is your inner dragon rising and bringing with it all those internal riches of knowing, worthiness, strength, courage and so on, then let this beauty help you, she means business, just check out those eyes. 
Moss Agate is said to help one in the acquisition of Riches....

Strengthening when pursuing endeavors, attracting agree ability, persuasiveness, and efficacy. Builds joy, self esteem, quietens the ego, and allows us to see the beauty in all our eyes touch.

Can provide communication between the planet, mineral kingdom and oneself. Promoting new growth and speed in attainment of ones goals.

Great for hydration, the eyes, fungal infections, digestion stimulation, eliminates toxins, relieves symptoms of colds and flu.

She truly is the most exquisite personal inner work tool. 

Weight 471 grams, measuring 13.5 cm long x 7 cm wide x 6 cm high.