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Modern Wicca

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An inside is look at the history of witchcraft.

The evolution of Wicca is a dynamic and colourful as the witches who helped shape it. One of the most enigmatic and progressive practitioners of his time, Gerald Gardner was arguably the most instrumental whitch in spreading the craft around the world.

Drawing on his decades of personal involvement with Wicca, Michael Howard offers an intimate portrait of Gerald Gardner‘s life and traces the history and development of modern Neo pagan witchcraft. Howard reveals little-known facts and stories surrounding the men and women who shaped Wicker over the past 60 years. Including Alistair Crowley, Alex Sanders, and influential initiates such as Doreen Valiente.

From the Museum of magic and witchcraft on the Isle of Man to the origins of the book of shadows, Modern Wicca tracks the expansion of Wicca as it spreads from the United Kingdom to the United States and beyond, and takes you inside the political controversies, behind the scene rivalries, and once guarded secret of the craft of the wise.

Paperback, 338 pages.