Mystical Topaz Earings – Earth Vibrations

Mystical Topaz Earings

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Oh those colours, just like a vortex it’s so easy to be lost in the blending of colours as these beauties sparkle their greatness.

Set in Sterling Silver these Mystical Topaz Earings are calling for that special someone that does not REALISE just how much of a goddess she is...

Mystical Topaz or commonly known as multi coloured Topaz allows one to see the real beauty they hold deep within themselves.

Supporting the redirection of energies into the good stuff rather than the negatives, allowing the breaking of old patterns, old beliefs, old ways.

Calming emotions , assisting meditation and Trance like states, healing the lungs, blood, skin and regulation of energy. 
So common goddesses known your worth and shout yourself something sparkly.