Mochi Ball & Jasper Macrame Necklace – Earth Vibrations

Mochi Ball & Jasper Macrame Necklace

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Mochi Balls where named after the American Indians who lived in the area of the Moqui Desert. They are said to have been used for contact with extraterrestrial beings, for visioning, and for journeying, they were sacred among the shamanic members of the ancient tribes.

Found on many continents and used by many shamanic tribes, bringing knowledge To the user of both, the ancient ways and the future ways.

needing no special care they are lovely to hold ana act to protect when placed in one’s environment. They adapt to all environments, the energy being like a good friend. Manifested by nature, enjoyed by mankind. Balancing the Yin & Yang, allowing self awareness and independence. 

The Mochi Ball can be used to align the energy centers, to relieve energy blockages, to stimulate the Chi, to ground and to center, and to provide protection.

Journey with the Mochi Ball allows one to experience the sanctity of performing healing for the Earth. 

Supporting the immune system, bone health, veins, muscles & arteries, RNA, DNA balancing and cellular renewal. 

Added in a bead of Jasper the supreme nurturer to support the journey. 

One only, hand made with love by Kaz, adjustable length.  💙🙏🏻