Metatrons Cube Gridding Plate – Earth Vibrations

Metatrons Cube Gridding Plate

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The perfect addition for any home, office or Alter. Our new ply wood gridding plates with sacred geometry allow you to use your imagination to create your very own unique grid system to send out a combination of energies to achieve the vibe your seeking. Measuring 11.5 cm wide x 10 cm long.

In sacred geometry, Metatron's cube is said to contain all the shapes and patterns that exist in the universe, making it a potent symbol for rituals and meditations. It has inspired various works of art, architecture, and is used in fashion and jewelry designs as well.

This is an example of what you can make up with them. I used a Amethyst point, Amethyst Tumbled chips, and some Small Apophyllite points, all of these are available as extra on our website. 

Or for a limited time you can purchase as a package

Grid plate x 1, Amethyst  tower x 1, Amethyst chips x6, Apophyllite points x 6. = $55. Please contact Kaz on 0415160026 if you would like the package or have any other requests. 

Amethyst- spirituality and commitment , immune system.

Apophyllite- astro travel, Meditation, healing. 
Price per item.