Merlinite Tumbles – Earth Vibrations

Merlinite Tumbles

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Merlinite is a form of Dendritic Agate and these pieces are from New Mexico. 

Merlinite is associated with the energies of the magician Merlin. Encouraging us to explore the deepest darkest parts of self to discover our hidden light.

The Magic bearer, Merlinite attracts good luck and powerful magic into ones life. Supporting spiritual growth, psychic development, visions, energy, and connection to other dimensions and times.

Allowing Heavenly and Earthly energies to combine to bring harmony and balance.

Working with Merlinite will allow one to become more open and approachable. assisting in embracing change, routines and a deeper understanding as to why experiences occur. 

Stimulates creativity, organizational skills, your aura, healing and positivity. 

Merlinite is a powerful aid in healing conditions related to the heart and intestines, also assisting in relieving headaches, stabilizing the nervous system, veins, arteries, and the skeletal and lymphatic systems.