Mary Mother Oracle – Earth Vibrations

Mary Mother Oracle

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Mary mother loves you unconditionally, no matter what you’re religious or spiritual background. She brings you divine guidance for healing. She holds you within her spiritual protection. She blesses you with the miracles of grace. She is calling you to her, so that your soul may grow bright and shine it’s healing light in the world.

This moving and powerful deck explores the profoundly healing, protective and soothing energy of Mary mother. Through this Oracle, she brings you have guidance and wisdom and connects you with knowledge of your own spiritual potency and Divinity so that you may experience ever greater peace and love on your life‘s journey.

Illuminating illustrations capture the true essence of Mother Mary‘s extraordinary energy while the comprehensive guide book offers detailed messages for each card as well as practical healing processes And affirmations to help you integrate the teachings of the holy mother.

Blue angel publishing.

44 cards and guidebook set

Artwork by Shiloh Sophia McLeod

Alana Fairchild