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Malachite and Kuan Yin Pendant

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This Malachite & Quan Yin Pendant is set in Sterling Silver, measuring 2.6cm in width x 5cm in length x 80mm in depth.

Malachite is the stone of Transformation and Clearing and often referred to as Arch Angel Raphael's healing stone.

Clearing and activating all the chakras, Malachite's secret is the yellow ray because of its copper content, making her a powerful healer at the heart, crown and solar plexus chakra for personal power and self identification.

Often helping us recognise and release negative experiences that we cant recall. During the rebirthing process she provides disposal of opposing forces and encounters.

Stimulates instinctive and intuitive reasoning, fidelity in love and friendships, loyalty in partnerships, practicality and responsibility in business.

Helping us identify the reasoning behind any illness or disharmony by allowing it to surface for healing. Casting away stress, limitation, attachment to the past, guilt and fear, clearing the sub conscious mind to fill us with courage, determination and true growth.

Adding in the Beautiful energy of Kuan Yin the goddess of Compassion, Mercy and Kindness....