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Luminous Humanness Oracle Cards

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To be luminous, is to be at ease with your inner gold.
In feeling and freeing your authentic, connected and whole self, your light, illuminates your path and possibilities, so you can move forward in confidence, and clarity, excited for all that awaits you.

Best selling author, Kelly Sullivan Waldon, rolls insight, imagination, and joy into this Gorgeous Oracle, elevating perspective, and turning every day, tedium into treasured moments and glowing experiences. Laila Savolainen’s artworks Allows you to hold the transcendent in your hands and its truth in your heart.
Play with these cards for a few moments each day to invite a more radiant life to meet you, where ever you are at.

A beautiful 44 card and 116 page, guidebook set for guidance, contemplation, self discovery, and finding your shine.