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Life Eternal Incense Sticks

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And extraordinary collection of natural masala incense. Traditionally made with natural resins, Balsam and a unique combination of oils and herbs. Superior incense which Ben slowly and the after aroma remains for a long time. Made in India. 15 g per box. Check out the words of wisdom printed on the side of each box.

Life is an internal dedication of conscious awareness. Life and living a dedications of total attention. The purpose of human life is also dedication. Giving and being enriched by the very giving. Revelation of a secret or mystery of life requires constant dedication to conscious awareness. Awareness is observation, Listening, and understanding. Thought is desire, memory and detachment. Understanding represents the ultimate Divinity all light of life. The act of uncovering ourselves is called dedication ( yagnam). Every action is an expression of our inner being. The act of living in its own fulfilment. Old age of the body cannot affect the intelligence. It is closed in innocence and utter defencelessness. Unity of life is the foundation of non-duality.