Lepidolite Macrame Necklace – Earth Vibrations

Lepidolite Macrame Necklace

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This Hand Made Lepidolite Macrame Necklace was lovingly hand made by Kaz and Reiki Blessed. 

Lepidolite is known as the "Transition " or "Conscious Feeling Stone".  A peaceful but refreshing vibration allowing the upper chakras to activate and align.

It gently induces self love, self acceptance, harmony, recognition of old patterning and allowing restructuring and healing of deep wounds.

An excellent stone for business pursuits, honesty, direct and friendly communication, diplomacy and calming. 

The perfect stone to add to your veggie garden to help repel disease and assist with an abundant crop.

Balancing heart and mind this is a must have stone for the children of the light.Due to the  mineral content of lithium, lepidolite is the perfect stone for depression, stress, bipolar,  epilepsy, and alzheimer's.

Lepidolite is perfect for emotional healing, mental understanding, goals, focus, female angelic contact, skin, tight shoulders, gridding, nervous system, heart, blood, RNA & DNA repair.