Lepidolite Fairies – Earth Vibrations

Lepidolite Fairies

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Spreading joy with their wings these Lepidolite Fairies are the sweetest of energies.  

Lepidolite is a form of Mica, and is well known for activating the Crown, 3rd Eye, Throat and Heart Chakras. Refreshing, Sentimental and Transformative, Lepidolite lightens the darkest of thoughts and feelings. 

Supporting Self love, Trust and acceptance Lepidolite assist with all situations and allows a pathway of new adventures and new joyous experiences. 
An excellent stone for business, communication and diplomacy. Instilling honesty, openness, calmness and abundance. 

The perfect stone to be use in gridding for instilling calm. Some of those spaces would be the land (lay line’s, tectonic plates) your home, a classroom, an office, a garden, halls, the suggestions are endless.

Much needed by the Star Children of today to align the mind(thoughts) and heart(feelings) through its high Lithium content, Lepidolite assists in all mental health conditions bringing stability and integrity to realignment and health. 

Weighing approximately 190 - 215 grams and measuring 9cm x 9 cm .