Lemurian Wands Large – Earth Vibrations

Lemurian Wands Large

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Lemurian Quartz -

Lemurians are considered Master crystals often appearing in a wand formation tapering from the base to point with deep ridges on the sides. Lemurians aid in all forms of healing and spiritual evolution, removing all blockages.

It has been said that Lemurian crystals are planted in a grid pattern over the surface of the earth and beyond, to other galaxies and dimensions. When you connect to the energy contained in your lemurian it is said that you are in fact connecting into that entire grid system.

 Your lemurian needs to be activated before connecting to it, one of the ways recommended to do this is to gently rub your finger down the ridges while meditating. Your messages from the grid / Lemurian will be either shown to you in that moment or gently downloaded through dream state, visions, synchronicities or future meditations. 

Each of these Lemurians have quite the personality and i can feel they offer something quite different so select wisely.

A. Ridges are deep and it has a unique coding on one side that has to do with self healing the yin and yang side of self, very much about helping one find the balance of self yet the balance of two worlds, if you are struggling with two world please feel into this special baby. weight 150.4 grams, length 9cm x 12.5cm circumference. NOW SOLD 🙏🏻

B. The biggest, medium ridges, Clarity comes to mind, clearing is another, Sorting, setting things straight, this piece has a no nonsense feel, is direct and going to shift you quickly. it has a 3 very distinct layers in it, Love, Power and Wisdom, boy this oozes wisdom, best be ready for this. Very strong wolf/crowne energy. Weighs 243.1grams, length 10cm x 13.7cm circumference. NOW SOLD🙏🏻

C. Is the baby of the group, Soft ridges but many, a perfect activation point at the top and has a gentle consistent energy. Displaying a strong self healed end and in my opinion would be the perfect healing stone for someone deeply wounded who's needing a gentle healing flowing way to open again. This baby will win your TRUST.  Weighing 120.2 grams, 9cm long x 11.5 circumference.

D. The Longest, soft ridges, spade formation, so good for digging up hidden and or buried treasures. The inner workings of this piece is rather magical, to me it feels like it holds the answers to a hidden world buried deep within the ocean?emotional body. When i gaze into it i see so many mystical creatures come to life and rise up. Throwing beautiful rainbows, clear and grand this Lemurian is definitely spectacular, the more you look the more you find. Weighing 191.70, length 11cm x 12.5cm circumference. NOW SOLD

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