Larimar Pendant – Earth Vibrations

Larimar Pendant

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This breathe taking Larimar Pendant is set in Sterling Silver.

L 7cm x W 3cm x D 1.5cm

Larimar also known as Pectolite.

The Dolphin Stone is here to teach us that if we are to be of Service to others first we must be of service to Self. 

Larimar is a great choice for helping those suffering with guilt and will bring the vibration of Truthfulness, Peace, and Safety. Larimar is great for purging unwanted entities and energies.

Assists in recognising self imposed beliefs, behaviours and emotions, also stimulating the release of such bondages. 

Great for the New Children of the Light, Action, Imagination, Playfulness, Laughter, Joy, Emotions, Inner child, Right hip, peace, clarity and deep understanding.

Larimar sit at the top of the Tree of Life in City One.