Labradorite Spheres Large – Earth Vibrations

Labradorite Spheres Large

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These 3 Large Labradorite Spheres challenge my OCD, one is oddly shaped, and they are not the highest quality yet have such a strong energy and incredible colour and shine. Guess it reminds me of in spite of our flaws we can truly shine if we are authentic, and the energy of these spheres are exactly that, authentically labradorite, Iridescent & Free.

Labradorite is known as the "temple to the stars", allowing you to be the best at what ever it is you decide to be. Put simply Labradorite allows your destiny and purpose to be recognised. 

A multi colored Iridescent stone that changes colour with movement, representing freewill of those that choose to play with her vibration. 

Attracting and encouraging extraterrestrial contact and communication, it is said to be linked to the Pleiadians, Arcturians and Sirians wanting to help anchor their highly evolved concepts on to the Earth for the betterment of Mankind. 

Encouraging Discernment, Focus, Rationality, Visions, Psychic Wisdom, and Transformation she is a stone not to be taken lightly. 

 Reducing Anxiety, fear and stress, aiding digestion, blood pressure, hormones and metabolism, Labradorite can powerfully assist in helping identify the true reason for disease. 

Weighing between 788 grams to 870 grams with an average circumference of 28 cm. Remember if you have a preference please contact us on 0415160026 or we will tune in to whos calling to work with you thanks kaz.