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Karma Action Incense

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An extraordinary collection of natural masala instant. Traditionally made with natural Resins, Balsam and a unique combination of oil and herbs. Superior incense which burns slowly and the aroma can remain for a long time afterwards. Made in India. 15 g per box. Check out the words of wisdom printed on the side of each box.

Karma and bondage of Karma action and reaction, is always in the present therefore is the cosmic intelligent bondage of karma is always in the past or in the future which is ego consciousness. Karma is celebration, bondage of karma is suffering. Karma is relaxation, bondage of karma is anxiety and depression. Karma action is creative. Bondage of karma is destructive. When hungry, we eat tired, we sleep. We can be not hungry but still keep on eating, sleepy but still in a zombie state. This is bondage of karma, (reaction). If we understand our reaction suddenly in the middle of the activity, if we become aware, it will stop. Action is a celebration. Reaction or bondage of karma is goal orientated. Thoughts are coming and going. We don’t get involved, we remain detached. Do not be concerned, watching must be passive, not active. Relaxation is a state we cannot force. What is relaxation? It is A state where our energy is moving nowhere, not to the future, not to the past, it is simply there with us in the silent pool of our energy. We are envelope in its wealth. Relaxation means this moment is more than enough. There is no other moment. Time stops, then everything becomes extraordinary.

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