Jewelry Crystal Chip Bracelets Lapis Lazuli – Earth Vibrations

Jewelry Crystal Chip Bracelets Lapis Lazuli

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Lapis Lazuli is known as the Stone that existed before time itself. Some call its vibration Realization or Total Awareness.

Directly linking us to the stars, unknown mysteries, and sacred texts Lapis is a stone that commands respect and wise use of its vibration. Helping us find a pathway inwards Lapis will allow us to explore and understand our mind, voice, and capabilities.

Activating the throat and third eye chakras through clearing and unification. Lapis will bring clarity, mental endurance, release of emotional bondage, diminishes that internal rage that can cause dis-ease, expansion, connection and communication. 

Encourages self acceptance, banishes depression, balances the yin and yang, shields and builds ones Aura.

Great for cellular, muscular and skeletal system, voice, song, throat, communication, mind, intellect, insomnia, dizziness, eyes, hearing, expression, wisdom, breaking down the walls.