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Incense, Oils & Brews

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The complete book of incense, oils and brews is, in effect, a magical cookbook. Like any cookbook, it teaches, allows plenty of latitude for experimentation and personalisation, and gives a large number and wide variety of recipes. These are not the same old tired recipes printed time and again in a host of magical formularies. They are tried and True ones gleaned by Cunningham from a variety of sources over many active years of practice. Included in the book is a very well written chapter on the basics of magic and, to my mind, an extremely valuable chapter on all aspects of substitution, what can I use if I can’t find Juniper for example? This alone is worth the price of the book I thoroughly recommend it.

When it comes to using what mother nature has provided, magical practitioners can never learn enough. From mother Earth’s  vast garden there is an herb or flower or combination of herbs which appeals to our sense of smell. Stimulating the emotions and the mind of the magician. The sweet aroma of smouldering incense, the alluring scent of the oil aid the individual in working the needed magic. Scott Cunningham has come through and providing enough variations of incense and oils that there is definitely something for everyone.

Scott Cunningham‘s book is well researched, interesting and presents a natural, earth orientated approach to magic that should make the readers more aware of their connection to mother Earth and all of her children.

269 pages, paper back 

Author Scott Cunningham.