Hypersthene Tumble Stone – Earth Vibrations

Hypersthene Tumble Stone

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I truly love this Stone with its shiny depth textured look, it reminds me of a combination of velvet, satin and an outstanding Pedro Ximenez Fig Sherry, simply holding it creates a sensation in my mouth and eyes. 

These beauty’s have been sourced from Canada. 
Supplying the answers to all the hard questions of existence. Combating irritability, judgement and discrimination, helping one “stand up” for which is right in ones moral structure.

Supporting and maintaining successful business relationships and personal relationships. 
Enhancing clairaudience both in the astro plane and spiritual realms. 

Encouraging self respect, the opening of new doors, and diminishing the negative side of prideful-ness. 

Reducing stomach acidity, decreases pain, lessens tension in the limbs & shoulders, fevers, spasms, farsightedness, over active pituitary gland, growths and tension in the Achilles’ tendon. 

Standard size tumble Stone, excellent quality. 
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