Howlite Flats – Earth Vibrations

Howlite Flats

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Scrumptious quality Howlite in flats for easy use. Perfect for the poster, bra, pillow or excellent size to be woven in jewellery.  Slightly bigger than a 50c piece. 

Howlite often calms communication and allows us to express our emotions honestly and gently without causing offense. Howlites energy is peaceful and loving so often allows for self reflection and the beginning of deep spiritual beginnings. 

Howlite allows us to reflect on the past, let go of attachment  to our stories and patiently move forward dissolving all anger, rage, facticeousness, criticalness, and selfishness. 

at a physical level Howlite is great for the treatment of calcium level in the the body, bones, teeth, soft tissue, insomnia,and Peacefulness.