Himalayan Quartz Cluster – Earth Vibrations

Himalayan Quartz Cluster

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This exceptionally large Himalayan Clear Quartz Cluster is breathtaking, weighing well over 3 kgs in weight, perfectly priced so that it’s caretaker can afford to add her to their collection of beauties.

Himalayan Quartz is is also known as Alpine Quartz and is a stone of the Sharmans, used for the total understanding of illness and healing.

Himalayan Clear Quartz is the GrandMother Stone and was widely used In Atlantean times. What doesn't this stone do. She/ Clear Quartz is light itself.

Ancient, Royal and Regal she shines light and brightness into everything and everyone. Clearing, Amplifying, up Lifting clear quartz purifies all it vibrates upon.

Weather worn, carried or placed in ones environment Clear Quartz with force, warmth, and brilliance will attune to the energy of the one to whom it is connected.

Activating all energy centres, clearing all meridians, working with Mind, Body and Spirit Clear Quartz is truly needed by all of us. 

A very large unique piece at an exceptionally good price.

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Length 26 cm

Width 15 cm

Height 18 cm