Hessonite Tumble Stones – Earth Vibrations

Hessonite Tumble Stones

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Hessonite is commonly known as Green Garnet. This stone has always intrigued me with its ability to connect the outer worlds with physicality. When I hold this stone at heart space Im taken to the deepest unexplored ocean depths to gather all I need before being shown a creature that guides me to the outer worlds to explore the stars.

Hessonite is said to help eliminate inferiority, and encourages new challenges on the Earth Plane which would fit perfectly with my feelings and visions it allows me.

Advancing meditative states and helping the process of manifestation Hessonite is dedicated to service. Activating intellectual qualities and helping one maintain both directiveness and good will. A calming vibration while deleting old programming, cleansing the blood, and ones environment so we can return to a truly healthy state.

I personally highly recommend working with this stone.