Herkimer Diamonds Large – Earth Vibrations

Herkimer Diamonds Large

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Herkimer Diamonds are known as the “stone of attunement “ and emit a delicate energy creating harmony, self awareness, and unbridled spontaneity. 
Herkimer helps us recognize That inner space and to remember that there is nothing to become, that one is that which one has been seeking and only needs to allow the actualization. 

Perfect for attuning self, attuning to another, attuning to a place or a situation. 

Stimulates Clairvoyance, Clairaudiance and telepathy. Useful in the dispersal of toxins that have accumulated in the body and for repairing/rebuilding cellular structure. Supporting and correcting the imbalances in the RNA/DNA & metabolic rate. Relieves tension, helps memory and is an all round healing vibration. 
These beauties are the size of a 10c piece or larger and where sourced from the USA. 
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