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Healing with Light Frequencies

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Expand your consciousness, shift your vibration, and speed up the healing process with star magic healing.
Through a series of major life events, Jerry Sergeant has reawaken this advance soul technology and shared it here to help unleashed the full potential of every living being.

Star Magic aligned you with high vibrational consciousness codes that were present on earth in ancient Egyptian times learn how to harness extra terrestrial light frequencies safely and effectively to energise, uplift, and consciously power your own life, the lives of others, and the planet.
Jerry shares practical healing tools with step-by-step illustrations, exercises, and meditations to shift your vibrations to a higher level. He discusses holographic blueprint, pineal gland activation, quantum knowledge, parallel realities, and the impact of crystals and sacred geometry.
Learn to activate your Mer-ka-ba field and open yourself up to infinite streams of abundance. Real life case studies show how Jerry has used vibrational light frequencies to heal, fix personal relationships, and supercharge businesses for massive success. Star magic offers key to the ancient powers to heal at the deepest levels and find alignment with your soul purpose.

Paper back 254 pages.