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Gypsum Rose Tumble Stones

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Desert Rose occurs in nature as a form of Selenite gypsum. More often than not, it's a combination of Selenite and Barite and it forms through condensation. Over time, it becomes subject to the elements, and parts of it erode, giving it the appearance of petals. This, and the fact that it forms in flat plates, are why it's so commonly associated with roses.

The Desert Rose Crystal is also referred to as the Sand Rose, Selenite Rose or Gypsum Rose. Found in dry, desert regions, each one is said to contain a unique spirit guardian. They have traditionally been used as talismans for protection, overcoming phobias and to help boost self confidence. Particularly helpful for shy or timid children and teens to help them uncover and confidently express their talents.

Desert Rose inspires unyielding focus and commitment, teaches the true meaning of perseverance and guides one to step beyond any obstacle life puts before you. It encourages flexibility in thinking, boosts confidence and elevates sense of self and worth. Desert Rose is a true ally that brings harmony, balance, wisdom and passion for living, guiding one to a life that is centered, calm and motivated by love.

There are a variety of shapes and sizes in this lot but all of them are a very high quality.  

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