Guangdong Tektites Small – Earth Vibrations

Guangdong Tektites Small

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Guangdong Tektites are a natural glass of meteoritic origin, and have been sent to save the Earth and her children and to remind us we are one.

 Some call it the stone for ushering out the Kali Yuga (The deficiency of Darma) and ushering in The freshness of the Krita Yuga (age of perfection, total gain, possessing Divinity and ascendancy for all).

Progress, reawakening, healing light of love, third eye stimulation, visions, activation, energising, intensity, intuition, awareness, freedom, are all things associated with Guangdong Tektites Vibration. 

World Peace and Stabilisation are it’s end game.

Clearing and Activating all chakras within and around us a given.