Guangdong Tektite Tumble Stones – Earth Vibrations

Guangdong Tektite Tumble Stones

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Broadcasting the energy of world peace Guangdong Tektite has been sent to hold us to accountability and to stabilise the Earth as we usher in the New Earth.

Known as the “Ambassador of the Highest Order“ Guangdong Tektite has been gifted to us to save the Earth and her children by becoming part of the Earth. Asking us to identify the lack of Dharma and to in-still the remembrance of divinity and ascendancy for all, for all things are one.

Activating all chakras, past life remembrance,  the 3rd eye and visions, intuition, awareness, astro travel, lucid dreaming, dreaming recall, removing all implants, aura amplifier, master healer. 

Guandong Tektite never needs cleansing. It is Found in the Quandong province in China and is a natural glass of Meteoritic origin.

Small pieces, some have been drilled, please let me know your preference thank you. 

Price per item, thank you.