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Green Phantom Quartz

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Green Phantom Quarts is a type of Clear Quartz that contains the minerals such as Chlorite, Caledonite, Praisolite, Mica & or Actinolite.

They have exceptional Healing qualities blessing us with the Green rays / Green-resonate light of healing, with a swift recovery. Removing implants, attachments and filling the void with healing vibes. 

They are sometimes referred to as Dream Quartz allowing ones dreams to be manifested. Placing one in your money pouch or register is said to bring the abundance of money, placed in a healing room to bring healing, placed with your vision board to manifest your desires. 

My favorite part of all, providing access and bringing information from the Purity of the Angelic Realms. Assisting one with Clairaudiance (hearing) and being able to relay the message in its purest form. 

Containing innate wisdom the user can access to advance in the spiritual kingdom.

Relieving Panic disorders & manic-depressive states, Bringing harmony to despair, providing insight and support these complexly unique specimens are a must for your environment, bringing comfort, peace and a restful state. 

This delicious specimen weighs 122 to 138 grams, various heights and sizes displaying a beautiful garden of mineral inclusions, in particular Chlorite. if you have a preference please let us know or Kaz will pick one that is calling you and its forever home.

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