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Green Calcite Natural Freeform

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Touch to me is so important, and I love to touch Green Calcite. It calming smooth waxy feel is scrumptious, you have to try it !

Green Calcite is a very powerful heart stone that is here to help calm and rejuvenate our most vital organ and important Chakra. It's the perfect stone to help relieve unneeded daily stresses of the mind and calm our pent up energies that may have been brewing all day. Simply holding a piece while taking in deep breaths can make us soon forget the reason for all our distress. Working with this stone helps strengthen the connection to our heart and provides insight as to where we need to “let go”

This powerful beauty allows for the Head ( the father) and the Heart (the Mother) to synchronize and work as a team for the family (whole you).

Connecting us to the Earth and encouraging a symbiotic relationship, it is recommended to meditate outside with this healing, calming, tool. Let go of the old and allow the head and heart to fearlessly usher you threw the door of new growth and adventures. 

These good size natural pieces have been source from Brazil. 

 Oh this piece is the Bomb, slightly warmed  in water with your favorite essential oil and placed on your chest or tummy, oh yer, I know your feeling it 😘. 
Measuring 10 x 7 x 2.5

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