Green Apophyllite, Stilbite and Heulandite Cluster – Earth Vibrations

Green Apophyllite, Stilbite and Heulandite Cluster

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What a powerful combination these three bring to the table. 

If you have been under the guidance of a mentor or involved with a group that no longer serves your higher purpose and unfoldment then this combination is perfect for helping you remove yourself in a graceful, joyous, safe manner and move forward in a direction that is for your highest good. Namaste

Heulandite- takes us back to the ancient times of Atlantis and Lemuria so we may remember information about traditions, ceremonies and techniques, with an open heart.

Heulandite also supports an attitude of "grace" especially concerning forgiveness of our enemies, remembering they are like children, still learning and doing the best they can. Releasing the bonds of jealousy, conceit, custom, privilege and condescension. 

A sweet vibration full of compassion and attracting a softness to ones character so all may love you. (i'm going to insert mine lol)

Heulandite has been used in the dispersion of growths, enhances weight loss, treatment of the feet and shortness of breath, and enables one to re-emerge and recover gracefully after a loss.

Stilbite- can be used to support astro travel. Connecting us to our creative and intuitive energies in a loving manner. Allowing guidance to the correct direction in ones experience. 

A calming and loving vibrations so perfect for bringing peace to areas of unrest within self or your environment.

Detoxifying, useful in the treatment of loss of taste, laryngitis, brain disorders, strengthening of ligaments.

Produces a fun environment for gatherings, parties and or reunions.

Green Apophyllite- activates the heart chakra to provide a forthright attitude when decision making. It allows one to absorb the energies required from the divine to perfect our own energy.

Stimulating joy, healing on an RNA and DNA level. Assisting in the removal of crystal line implants, Outer world Implants and present day energy control Implants.

Please note there are five specimens, labeled 1-5, as they sell i will up date this info to let you know what is still available . If you order please state which specimen you desire by texting or emailing us, 0415160026 or thanks kaz

specimen 4, 3,2 and 1 are already Sold now 5 is  still available

Remember clusters are great for groups, family gatherings or reunions.