Green Apophyllite Points & Clusters – Earth Vibrations

Green Apophyllite Points & Clusters

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Yum yum yum, Green Apophyllite is not only hard to find but it’s so so pretty. The softest soothing energy but don’t let that fool you, this beauty is on a mission 🤫. A serious mission helping those awoke, stay healthy and focused.

Green Apophyllite- activates the heart chakra to provide a forthright attitude when decision making. It allows one to absorb the energies required from the divine to perfect our own energy.

Stimulating joy, healing on an RNA and DNA level. Assisting in the removal of crystal line implants, Outer world Implants and present day energy control Implants. 
These pretty Zeolites where sourced from India and have other inclusion with them, Stilbite, Heulandite, Druzy Quartz & Calcite. I’m happy to add the additional info when a purchase is made. 
Each specimen is the size of a 50cent piece or smaller.