Golden Ray Calcite Sphere – Earth Vibrations

Golden Ray Calcite Sphere

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This Golden Ray Calcite spheres circumference is  16cm

Throwing lots of rainbows this Golden Ray Calcite can help with opening the crown chakra while activating and aligning the base, sacral and solar plexus chakras. 

Stimulating advanced growth helping us remember and awaken our gifts and connections to those we where aligned with in other life times and dimensions. 

A vibration of knowledge and connection it is a smart choice for friendship and business. 

Encourages grounding while we explore new beliefs and let go of old ones connecting us in the moment to those that will assist our journey of returning to oneness.

Supports the nervous system and circulatory system while removing negativity, symptoms and infection. 

Great for the liver, gall bladder, endocrine gland and dis-ease in general.