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Golden Healer & Jasper Macrame Necklace

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While away on holidays off the Fraser Island Coast Recently I spent some time in nature weaving some of the scrumptious energy into Jewelry, this is one of those pieces. 

I felt seriously connected to the Sun and the Angelic Realms while weaving this magical healing piece, I have a feeling the person who purchases this is quite the healer themselves, blessing to you beautiful being the Angels are surely guiding you.

Golden Healers are not easy to come by and are definable by a transparent golden mineral that coats the quartz.

Besides having the attributes of Quartz, Golden Healers transmit the following gifts. Incite healing on all levels, while keeping us connected the the higher realms at all times.

They help us recall all information from the higher realms with accuracy and total clarity. They allow us to see through the masks people and ourselves wear, allowing the real self to be seen.

Golden Healers also assist us in knowing the correct methods and or techniques required to heal the self or others.

Jasper is the Supreme Nurturer.

Jaspers energy is warm, soft, supportive and very healing. With a protective presence Jasper can shield us when a situation presents us with a negative energy, experience or individual. 

Jasper can assist with love ones that have moved to other planes, animal communication, travel, meditation, and astro travelling . 

Grounding, Stabilising and gentle Jasper is the perfect choice when life begins to change in a hectic manner. 

Great for circulation, digestion, glands, stomach, hernias, ruptures, water retention, protection, healing and nurturing. 

This One off Jasper & Golden Healer Quartz Necklace was lovingly hand made by Kaz and Reiki blessed. The material is dyed cotton and the length is adjustable so it can be worn short or long.