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Goethite, Psilomelane & Calcite

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A powerful combination from the heart of Mexico. Goethite, Psilomelane & Calcite truly offer a pathway of self exploration & growth. These raw specimens are extremely unique and very hard to find especially in this quality. 

 Goethite - will allow an individual to acknowledge  the abundance of energy that is surrounding us at any given moment. Working with this stone will help one tap into these rejuvenating energies and support self healing and replenishment to one's emotional body.

Psilomelane - is a stone that is considered excellent for gazing and scrying. It is used for many other kinds of trances. It can be used in emotional crystal healing to recognize patterns and uncover hidden motivations. This can help you to correct emotions and behaviors that are unloving or not useful to your life.

Calcite - is a powerful energy purifier. Its prismatic formation transmutes negative energy and amplifies positive vibrations throughout any space. Encompassing the full colour spectrum, it cleanses each of the chakras by removing stagnant densities and restoring an energetic flow throughout the body.Its pure white ray offers spiritual alignment by accessing deep inner wisdom. Promoting self-reflection, this optical stone provides a clear perception to the issues inhibiting your growth. 

Measuring 4cm high x 9cm wide x 7cm and weighing 230 grams.