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Glass Roller Bottles with Crystal Chips

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These glass bottles come with a roller top and are available in -

Smokey Quartz- Grounding, light, energy

Clear Quartz- Amplifier, purifier, positive

Strawberry Quartz- Love, knowledge, beginning 

Lapis Lazuli- mind, Realization, cutting ties

Carnelian- creativity, vitality, sexuality 

Garnet- health, courage, purpose

Amethyst- spirituality, commitment, humility

Fluorite- calming, organization, focus

Tigers Eye- personal power, protection, grounding

Get creative make your own personal blend by adding essential oils and a carrier oil, or even add a liquid remedy, perfect for your bag for every day use. 
If you have a preference please let us know by sending an email or text (0415160026) thanks Kaz