Fossilised Agate Bracelets – Earth Vibrations

Fossilised Agate Bracelets

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Fossil Agate / Turritella Agate is a highly spiritual stone that deeply connect us to the earth through its own deep connection to the earth.

It’s strongly associated with your personal roots and your ancestry. 

Turritella Agate will act as a record keeper stone and give you information on your past worlds and your past lives.

This stone will open your communication between the mineral and plant kingdom, giving you access to the information that will be beneficial in healing the planet.

If placed in an area of land that has been polluted or neglected, Turritella Agate will cleanse and re-energize the environment. Its healing energies can be used to protect an endangered area.

For people who travel frequently, Turritella Agate will offer you protection from danger and keep you closely connected to your loved ones who are left behind. 

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