Flame Aura Quartz Tumble Stones – Earth Vibrations

Flame Aura Quartz Tumble Stones

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Flame Aura Quartz is also known as Titanium Quartz.  It is a cloudy quartz that has been coated in titanium and niobium that brings a violet and or golden hue to our aura and has actually been proven through Kirlian photography. 

Used to maintain states of homeostasis when directed or asked to do so and to assist in the movement and assimilation of change. Assisting the kundalini energy during meditation to successfully move through to the crown chakra while aligning all the chakra as it goes. 

Connecting us to possible Greek Civilizations or past lives during that era, and helping us advance in the actualization of the why in this life time. 

This advanced combination has said to help with complex issues such as aids, the immune system, multiple sclerosis, cellular and bone cancer, and the release of toxins through out the body.