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Fairy Wisdom Oracle

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The fairy wisdom Oracle deck and book set, 64 cards, 140 paged illustrated hard back book, large.

The fairy wisdom Oracle deck and book set was created by popular fantasy artist Amy Brown and her mother Nancy Brown, a metaphysical healer and writer. Both lived in the Pacific Northwest.

The Brown’s Fairy Wisdom Oracle provides a bridge to the elemental realms, beyond the world we perceive with our senses. These spiritual dimensions are inhibited by charming fairies, angels, dragons, elves and other guides, who inter connect with us for mutual development. Their job is to help us on our spiritual path and protect us along the way. Use the enchanting cards in fairy wisdom Oracle to get acquainted with this welcoming community of fairies, Who always have your best interest at heart.

The illustrated book provides spiritual guidance in the form of the fairies wise messages, along with chants to help you focus your intentions and embrace a more positive attitude towards life.