Evolight Quartz Macrame Necklace – Earth Vibrations

Evolight Quartz Macrame Necklace

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Shining it’s light this Evolight Quartz Necklace is singing the song of growth through peace and harmony, are you ready? 

Evolight Quartz is a form of Himalayan Quartz and was discovered in 2016 at Sichuan Province, China.

These crystals have phenomenal etching across the termination faces. Looking like they had been grown in a lab but are a natural phenomenon. 

Evolight Quartz has a strong focus on the evolvement of human kind to co-exist in peace and harmony with each other, nature and all the beings found on this earthly plane of existence. 

The indigenous peoples of this area (Himalayas) believe that the crystals are the “Eyes of God’ that have embodied the yang energies of these majestic mountains. It is said that the knowledge and wisdom of all the holy men and ancient sages who travelled high into the Himalayas seeking enlightenment – are stored in these crystals. While that may be true, it would be wise to acknowledge that these crystals have been on this Earthly plane now for over 200 million years – Thus humankind’s interaction with these crystals has been just a blink of an eye in these crystals existence. So while these learned and skilled masters thoughts and ideals will likely have had an influence upon the Himalayan Quartz, it is probable and more relevant that these beautiful crystal beings have a strong connection with the higher angelic realm. Ultimately it is this celestial connection with it’s associated wisdom and knowledge that will continue to help lead humankind along the path to redemption and enlightenment. 
Hand made with love by Kaz, cleared and charged under the full moon.