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Eudialyte Cabochon

Eudialyte Cabochon

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In my teachings with Justin Moikeha Asa I have learnt that The simple purpose of Eudialyte is Unconditional Love. This stone is a Miraculous Healer linking base and heart chakras. A life force enhancer, encouraging self love and confidence. Activating profound love and allows us to understand that the universal flow is our guide. Eudialyte is the keeper of the pink flame making her the perfect higher heart stone. Great for anxiety, inspiration, pathway to life goals, telepathy, overwhelm from clairaudience, detoxifies the blood, targets bone marrow complications, manifestation of spiritual unconditional love on the Earth plane. Eudialyte is the Homeostatic crystal of City Four on the Tree of Life, so as a Four myself have found it extremely comforting and allows my sensitivity to people and situations to be supported. 

 In my teachings with Melody they where very similar but she adds that Eudialyte Activates all the chakras from base to crown encouraging the Kundalini to flow and that it specifically works with the Beta and Alpha brain waves. It is recommended to hold Eudialyte for a continuous 1 hour period to experience the stone known as "the heart land". Doing so can bring about the healing and letting go of anger, guilt, resentment, hostility, despondency, anguish, sorrow etc, allowing us to return to self love and loving others. Melody further adds Eudialyte is used for the treatment of the optics of the eyes.

Personally I love this stone and have used it often in the physical crystal form, Liquid Crystal form and in the Vibrational form. Eudialyte is calming, centering, and soothing for the Feelers and Healers of this worlds Earth Plane.

This Cabochon is 

length 4.2cm

width 1.5cm

thickness 3mm