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Eternity Infinity Incense Sticks

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An extraordinary collection of natural masala incense. Traditionally made with natural resins and Balsam and a unique combination of oils and herbs. Superior incense which burns slowly and the after aroma remains for a long time. Made in India. Each box contains 15 g. Check out the wisdom written on each side of every box.

Contact with reality, even on a physical level, is contact with the eternity of life. It should be conscious contact at a sensory level. Unconscious contact without attention in the physical world does not reveal the energy of reality. Conscious awareness is effortless. Relaxation is effortless. They let our movements and our moments take route consciously as a meeting point with reality. Mental movement and prana movements vital breath interwoven. Let there be a conscious relationship. It is only through the emptiness of space, A thought free, word free, tension free, state of prana vital energy that the supreme intelligence residing within activates it’s self. All this is possible if we learn the secret of steadiness of mind and relaxation, and the relaxation of prana vital energy.