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Dragon Stone Wine Stoppers

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Two of my favourite things combined, Crystals and Wine. However drinking the bottle in one go is not recommended, wine is something to savour and enjoy slowly, our wine stoppers are the perfect answer to allowing the bottle to last the week.  

Dragon Stone is a type of Epidote with red Piemontite growing within it.

Dragon Stone is a stone that activates and unlocks the heart.

Piemontite has been known to strengthen and rejuvenate the heart and heal the emotional body. Its red rays pulsating off a piece of Epidote enhances the rate at which the heart heals, and aids in a reconnection between the mind, heart, and soul. This important reconnection allows you to speak and feel as one soul being, and not just scattered feelings and disconnected emotions.

Dragon Stone is one of the best stones for anyone who is strictly looking to work on themselves so that they may be better for the ones closest to them. As this stones vibrations showers your heart with love, courage, and power, And radiating that energy to others.

Dragon Stone is also a very powerful manifestation tool. It’s a perfect stone to set your intention into daily and encourages  one to achieve their goals by their energy radiating directly from the heart. One will soon become aware that the radiating energy from a beating heart is strong enough to assist one in achieving their wildest dreams. Dragon Stone is a constant reminder in this world that anything is possible.